About Us

ACE SMSC is a global mobile messaging service provider, established in 2010, with headquarters in Mumbai. Our primary focus is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.

With its innovative solutions, professional customer service, and a long-lasting thirst to improve, ACE SMSC has grown into a key player in the telecommunications business, gathering under its portfolio some of the biggest mobile operators and service providers around the world. ACE SMSC’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides our clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions. . Our customers include enterprises from every sector, messaging wholesalers, aggregators, as well as mobile network operators and service providers.

ACE SMSC is a 100% owned subsidiary of Space office systems (i) pvt. ltd. Founded in 1993 , is a leading system integrator caters to Telecom , security systems and Office Automation industry. With the wide knowledge and expertise in the telecommunication domain Space decided to expand its portfolio with the establishment of ACE SMSC.

The success of any business depends on various factors. The business ethics, experience of the staff, marketing skills, core business philosophy, niche area, client relationships, keeping track of the technology trends etc. AceSMSC is proud to have a wealth of internal staff who is an asset to the organization who understand the needs of our customer very well and lead to an appropriate solutions. Our technical expertise and innovative concepts allow us to adapt client's need.
We are a company aligned to customer satisfaction. We are stubborn – as far as the quality of work is concerned. Keeping with this belief we first understand the need of customer and then suggest those appropriate changes or updating and after receiving feedback we hand over them, complete error free product.
We are committed to provide value based solution to our customers, emphasizing on quality to our customers through systems, products and services.
To be an enterprise of knowledge workers which passionately combines innovation and technology to create business and solutions that continuously add value and prosperity to all.
  • To achieve the target profit margin set each year.
  • Define and develop product differentiate against most national competitor.
  • Improve qualification techniques and standards for Sales and Marketing Department.
  • Utilize consultative approach when dealing with prospective clients.