Bulk SMS Coverage

Acesmsc coverage spans to more than 200 countries across the globe. No matter which geographic location you want to send the message we are there to deliver it for you.

Over the years of expertise and knowledge AceSMSC has developed and expanded its coverage to every possible geographical location. Currently AceSMSC offers reach to more than 200 countries and 500 mobile network operator. We continuously improve our coverage and allow you to reach even more networks. AceSMSC provides SMS handling and SMS routing capabilities for GSM, CDMA, TDMA, 3G, fixed wireless. AceSMSC offers the widest coverage available for SMS transmission worldwide, with direct two-way connections to major mobile network operator in Africa and Asia, and direct and indirect routes to over 1000 operators worldwide. Our expertise spans the globe to support your diverse business needs. With the rapid revolution in the way of communication, numerous applications have been developed resulting in the dramatic rise of global A2P SMS traffic in recent years. But no application has the possibility to deliver the messages worldwide. AceSMSC provides a unique solution to the application providers and enables them to reach to more than 1000 mobile networks operators across the globe.