See how are Customers are using SMS


Build deeper customer relationships

Mobile services have come to be expected by the smart and savvy consumer. The mobile channel lets you cultivate a loyal and responsive customer base through timely communication about the things that interest them. Loyalty doesn’t happen by accident. Customers value quality and convenience. They also appreciate a fun and interactive mobile experience.

By connecting with the right people in the right ways, mobile can boost revenue streams through high campaign response rates. Whether using SMS, MMS or other mobile technology, you can make the shopping experience convenient and effective. Stay connected with your target audience through real-time alerts, offers and services such as:

  • Paperless coupons
  • Special offers
  • Information alerts
  • Store locators
  • Directions
  • Comparison shopping applications
  • Customer inquiry tracking
  • Order receiving

AceSMSC ’s reliable mobile transaction hub and industry-leading direct operator connections are exactly what you need to launch effective mobile marketing campaigns and drive positive brand impressions.Contact us today to take the next step.


Provide accurate and immediate information to students and teachers about lectures, exam schedules and results and even time-critical and important notifications such as school closures to bad weather.

Construction and Property

When engaging with your construction workforce or tenants, using SMS as an information channel, creates numerous opportunities for interaction from a management or marketing scenario.

Banking & Finance

Innovative communication with your clients

Your clients expect and appreciate timely alerts about their money with up-to-the-minute accuracy. With the low cost of mobile messaging, you can enhance relationships with customers by offering your choice of mobile account services, such as balance inquiries or even direct access to financial advisors.

With spending in the mobile market expected to reach new heights, financial services companies must have a mobile strategy for customer engagement. Well-selected service offerings can spur customer loyalty and retention, which will impact your bottom line. Clients will be impressed with your forward-thinking approach to your business and recommend you to people they know who would benefit from mobile services such as:

  • Account balance inquires
  • Stock alerts
  • Withdrawal alerts
  • Payment reminders
  • Overdraft alerts
  • Internal communication with staff
  • Personalized marketing to clients

Just as your customers trust you to manage their finances, you can trust in Acesms’s expertise to guide you in the mobile world. Our strong operator relationships and extensive knowledge of policies and billing systems mean you won’t miss a beat as you connect with your clients through the mobile channel. Contact Acesmsc to get started.


An innovative approach to increase enrollment and engage your member communities

With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, organizations are spending significant resources to enroll new members and retain their existing memberships.

Many are using traditional communication channels such as direct mail, print, radio and even email which are difficult to scale and don’t provide immediate results. In addition, the expense of these outreach efforts often outweighs the response rates. Since texting is the preferred communication channel of young people as well as ethnic groups, adopting a mobile first strategy for reaching and enrolling this demographic will be key to many healthcare payers and state run Healthcare Exchanges adapting to the changes driven by the Affordable Care Act.

By using the mobile channel as part of their community engagement strategies, insurers and exchanges can find and connect to their members in the most personal, effective way possible. Mobile is also an extremely effective tool for engaging hard to reach new members such as ethnic, minority and younger uninsured populations. As the Affordable Care Act launches in 2014, preventive care-including family planning and related services-will be more accessible and affordable. For people looking to switch insurers, or those who are currently uninsured and looking for insurance for the first time, mobile is a proven channel to ensure your outreach campaigns reach the largest audiences with the highest return.

Healthcare insurers can quickly and inexpensively send mobile messages that educate, promote and invoke behavior that leads to healthier lifestyles and a better quality of life - which ultimately leads to lower healthcare costs. Insurers can also use mobile to deliver better support by automating services like claims status, payment reminders, and facility location lookups, thus improving their overall member experience.

With mobile messaging, healthcare organizations can:

  • Enroll more new members and then educate and inform members about wellness and prevention programs that lead to improved health outcomes
  • Promote long-term healthier living through personal, targeted interactions that affect member behavior, such as nutrition advice and fitness tips
  • Bring awareness and instructions on new healthcare marketplaces and state run exchanges
  • Provide ongoing service through welcome calls, appointment reminders and health surveys
  • Makes it easy for members to check claim or payment status and compensate their provider
  • Drive change in the community via outreach programs with local partner organizations
  • Create a seamless member experience using a preferred communication channel
Increase Reach

Over 326M US mobile subscribers and 48M are uninsured

Target Members

78% of consumers are interested in mobile heath solutions

Target Members

30% of smartphone users are likely to use "wellness apps" by 2015

Whether your organization is just starting to look into mobile healthcare or one that has a clear plan of what to implement for mobile communications, AceSMSC the experience and ability to help you reach your goals. As a leading mobile engagement company, we help you quickly reach your member community with more meaningful conversations – through one secure, reliable platform. Contact us today to get started!


Maximum mobility

Fast, reliable access to data is critical for all businesses, but companies in the transportation industry may have the most to gain from the advantages of using mobile technology to connect with both customers and staff. Mobile messaging delivers rapid, cost-effective communication in a business that relies collecting, sharing and managing information on the fly.

Leverage Acesmsc’s mobility tools to provide high-value services to consumers. With real-time visibility of inventory status, delivery schedules and vehicle locations, your business can exploit sales opportunities and minimize the potential for lost revenue. Offer your customers some of these special services using our mobility tools:

  • Flight and bus schedules
  • GPS tracking
  • Parcel deliveries
  • Inventory status
  • Travel alerts
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Route and facility planning

Acesmsc will enable you to build your business in the mobile channel. Our industry experts will guide you through the complexities of operator policies, billing systems and industry guidelines so you can take your ideas to market quickly and maximize your revenue potential. Contact us today to get started.

Telecom & Technology

Monetize your network and expand your business

With over five billion subscribers around the world, mobile is how people connect today. Unlike any other media channel, mobile gives you and your brand the power to reach consumers instantly.

By leveraging the mobile channel in your telecommunications business, you can bring more value to consumers while opening up new revenue streams through simplified purchasing targeted promotions.

Not surprisingly, consumers have high expectations for telecommunications companies to be nimble and effective in delivering mobile web services and managing customer interactions. You can enhance customer relationships and loyalty by offering:

  • Operator, credit card and cable billing
  • Programming alerts
  • Personalized alerts based on consumer preference or historical behavior
  • Purchase confirmations
  • Targeted product promotions

enables direct-to-consumer business, providing more choice for consumers and ultimately more revenue for your business. Tell us your ideas, and we’ll customize an offering of mobile payment, messaging and value-added services to fit your customers’ needs. Contact today and let us help you monetize your mobile services for a more profitable business.

Social Networking

Customer interactions, billing reminders and smart metering are all high impact interactions between utility companies and their clients. SMS turn slow-time into real-time communications.

  • Application Promotion
  • Social Networking On The Go
  • Communicating And Content Sharing Via Social Networking Sites.
  • Permission